Marketing and Advertisement

Marketing and Advertisement

Our team comprises of experts from many disciplines of marketing and advertisement. We know well the reality of advertisement market in Hungary. In the scope of cooperation with us, we offer support in the following areas:

Google AdWords Advertisement

We offer i.e.:
  • localisation of text and graphic content for Hungarian market
  • configuration of campaign with the selection of respective keywords
  • preparation of promotional materials - text advertisement and graphical banners
  • constant optimization of campaign oriented on the highest performance
  • efficient remarketing based on analytical data obtained from analytical systems, such as Google Analytics and others
  • localising the campaign for target market, with regard to local social and cultural trends, as well as according to customers likings in the region
  • Other activities in the area of Adwords, according to expectations.

Social Media marketing

Our offer covers:
  • constant communication with consumers - we advise, respond to questions and solve doubts. Following our activities, customers have a feeling of ,,living'' and ,,next door'' company
  • creating the content and managing the profiles, as well as fan-page for your company
  • activating fans on the profile, creating positive image in the Internet
  • monitoring the Internet and social media services towards the selected key phrases related with the Company, brand or product; following this, we can react to every signal obtained from recipients
  • handling Company’s blog. Our copywriters create professional, interesting texts dedicated to Company, its products and services, creating positive image of your Company
  • complex preparation and handling the advertisement campaign in the Facebook Ads (planning the campaign, selection of target groups, acquiring database for recipients, preparation of text and graphic materials, remarketing)

SMS and e-mail marketing

Our offer covers i.e.:
  • creating, maintaining and managing the e-mail and phone databases
  • preparation of text and issuing the messages, e-mails, SMS, MMS
  • establishing and handling the campaign based on the SMS text messages
  • emailing and sending newsletters
  • handling the returned correspondence

Public Relations

We support and advise in the PR activities on the Hungarian market. We are a link between the Company and public opinion. We always keep our ears to the ground.

Scope of service covers i.e.:
  • relations with local media
  • building the brand’s reputation
  • editing and emitting the PR content
  • running the press office
  • PR consultancy
  • contacts with influencers
  • contacts with media for promotional purposes
  • Customer’s representation in problematic situations.
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