Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy enables the organization of business activity and focuses its resources on given goals. In the preparation of Marketing Strategy we plan long-term activities adapted to market reality and our marketing budget. Marketing Strategy comprises of two main components:

Brand Strategy

Brand is everything that can be associated by consumer with a company or product. When we all see brands in daily life, we perceive them in particular way. Brand’s image remains in the consumers mind for long time. Even when product’s properties or service specification changes, its perceived value will be still the same, as a result of well-developed brand image.

Establishing and strengthening the desired brand image on the market is a long-term process that brings the greatest benefits, when it is oriented on long-term results. As a result of proper image, you can successfully reach the recipients and create demand for your offer. Well-thought strategy forming the brand is your guarantee for strong market position.

Communication strategy

Communication strategy is a tool that supports the efficient sales and strengthens the expected image of a company, products or services. As a result of the communication strategy, the promotional and marketing goals can be achieved in the coherent and consistent way. When acting according to the measurable goals stipulated in the communication strategy, we can assess the quality and effects of current communication.

During the preparation of communication strategy we perform i.e. activities such as:
  • market situation assessment
  • defining target groups
  • competition analysis
Detailed market analysis and defined target group is a key for properly selected communication channels and for application of respective promotional tools.
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