Virtual Office

Your Virtual Office in Hungary

We offer our Virtual Office services. It will operate as your Company’s office in Hungary. Our service makes savings resulting from the eliminated cost of independent office rental and employment. It is very advantageous, particularly for small and medium companies.

In the scope of our Virtual Office service you get i.e.:

  • Hungarian address and phone number required for the registration of business activity.
  • Dedicated consultant, who will handle your correspondence and phone connections.
  • Translation of documents and correspondence into Polish and English language.
  • Possibility to have a dedicated employee who will be in permanent contact with business partners, suppliers and couriers, handle the accountancy, as well as take care for formal and legal issues.
  • Access to the Company’s registration service in Budapest or in the cities offering attractive taxation.
We are flexible and ready to fulfil your other expectations specific to sector of industry or your business model.

Basic price: 25 EUR / month
* If we provide the services for your e-shop, you can use our Virtual Office free of charge.
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